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The Lowdown on Solar Energy Systems: Know the Difference

Thinking of investing in solar energy? If you’ve never looked into it before, a lot of the terminology is confusing and you may not know exactly what you need. This article is designed to give you the basics of how solar systems work, and the different types you can choose from. Solar energy is a […]

9 Ways to Save on Electricity Costs

Want to save money on your energy bills? These tips make it easy!   Install great insulation Insulation in your walls, ceiling and under your floor helps to keep hot air out in summer, and keep it inside during winter. Ultimately, it means your heating and cooling systems don’t need to work as hard to […]

Why You Should Upgrade Your Store’s Lights To LED

LED Lights lasts the distance! Changing light bulbs in commercial spaces requires planning, downtime and potentially after hours work requirements.  This makes the benefits of LED lighting a perfect solution!  Long life is the number one benefit of LED lights, Manufacturers claim one bulb can last up to 100,000 hours. To put that into perspective, […]

Breathe Better September

RCR helps young Kiwis to breathe easier RCR Infrastructure is proud to partner with the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation to help support the 700,000 Kiwis with respiratory disease. As part of the partnership, RCR is teaming up with another Friend of the Foundation, Pink Batts, for the Foundation’s main campaign of the year: Breathe Better […]

What Type of EVCharger Do I Need?

Buying an electric vehicle and not sure which charger you need? Here’s what to consider when purchasing your new charger or charging station. Power delivery explained If you find electrical terms confusing, we’ll try to keep this as simple as possible! Power delivery is measured in amps. This is important, because it helps you understand […]

What to Look for in an EV Charger

There are several considerations you may factor in when deciding which EV charger to buy, including Cost Cable length Power delivery Smart features Warranty These are all important, and some are self-explanatory. But how can you really make sure you’re getting the best EV charger for your needs? Your car will no doubt come with […]

New Zealand’s Renewable Uptake 

New Zealand has a very progressive approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy. In fact, a recently announced multibillion-dollar proposal to build a pumped hydro storage plant could push the country closer than ever to reaching a 100% renewable energy target. The charge towards 100% renewable energy New Zealand currently generates around 80% of its […]

Going Green: How to Create a More Sustainably Minded Business

Becoming a more sustainability-minded business is a win-win situation. Of course, it’s the right thing to do for the planet. Reducing your emissions contributes to an overall healthier world. However, there is another, perhaps less selfless, a reason to go green. Modern consumers love to support businesses that have a strong sustainability focus. So, here […]

Stonewood Group Acquires DataGuard NZ ­– Incorporates Hi-tech ‘future Energy’ Capabilities

Stonewood Group acquires DataGuard NZ ­– incorporates hi-tech ‘future energy’ capabilities into RCR’s national infrastructure service offering Two years since purchasing RCR’s profitable New Zealand operation from the failing Australian parent company RCR Tomlinson, Stonewood Group co-founders John and Michael Chow are expanding RCR’s services to include future-tech engineering solutions such as EV chargers, smart […]

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Protect your Critical Equipment in your Data Centre with a UPS installation! Data centre applications require reliable power sources. No Backup Power One of the most surprising things about such an advanced facility is that it will have no backup power source, no power generator and no batteries. If commercial power to the facility goes […]

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