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Fight respiratory disease during Breathe Better September

RCR helps young Kiwis to breathe easier

RCR Infrastructure is proud to partner with the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation to help support the 700,000 Kiwis with respiratory disease.

As part of the partnership, RCR is teaming up with another Friend of the Foundation, Pink Batts, for the Foundation’s main campaign of the year: Breathe Better September. Throughout September, the Foundation raises funds and increases awareness of respiratory disease in New Zealand.

To show support for Kiwi youth living with asthma and other respiratory conditions, RCR will donate two heat pump systems to two education centres: Hutt Valley High School in Lower Hutt and The Satya Sai Preschool Auckland. Our friends at Pink Batts will also be insulating both of these communal learning spaces, ensuring each space provides year-round comfort.

With Hutt Valley High School, unfortunately, experiencing some issues with mould earlier this year, having the opportunity to work with RCR and Pink Batts was very welcome news following a tough start to the year, according to Associate Principal Denise Johnson.

“We’ve selected our Pavillion building for insulation and a heat pump,” says Denise. “It currently has an old gas heater and no insulation. It is a well-used space even though it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  Adding a heat pump and insulation means it will be a more welcoming, healthy, and warm space for students and staff.

“To have this space insulated, heated and cooled using a New Zealand company is very important to us,” adds Denise. “We are mindful of supporting New Zealand and work hard to establish links with local business and community groups.”

“As a proudly owned and operated Kiwi business, we’re passionate about supporting local and for us, teaming up with the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation and Pink Batts to support these two amazing schools is something we’re so grateful we’re able to do” Director of RCR Infrastructure Lorene Maher said. “Our vision is to help contribute to a healthier, more sustainable New Zealand and this is one of the significant activities we are undertaking to realise this goal” Lorene added.

In addition to the heat pump donations, RCR is thrilled to be taking part in a Step-Up challenge team for the month of September.

You can follow the team’s progress here:

Asthma and allergies are among the most widespread and troublesome common medical conditions. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, with 1 in 8 adults and 1 in 7 children living with the condition.

If you or your child suffer from asthma, chances are you are acutely aware of the life-changing inconveniences that come with it. When a person living with a respiratory condition is exposed to common triggers like mould, dust mites, pollen, and atmospheric pollution, their airways can swell, restricting airflow to the lungs and making it difficult to breathe. Cold air is another significant trigger, which makes it important to invest in the best available heating solution.

Heat pumps are a great choice for families who suffer from seasonal allergies, and new research shows that appropriate heating and insulation can reduce the incidence of asthma and allergies significantly. By simply choosing the right heat pump, you can reduce the allergy and asthma triggers inside your home, save on your energy bills and on potentially costly medical interventions for allergy and asthma symptoms.


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