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How energy storage can benefit your business in the long term

Energy storage has always been the biggest blocker when it comes to switching to more renewable energy sources. This is because without storage options, renewables like wind and solar can only use the power as it generates. While this is usually fine for businesses in sunny climates, when the sun isn’t shining, most businesses are at the mercy of the main electricity grid. Even those in sunny climates are reliant on the energy grid when the sun isn’t out.

So, while the type of battery storage required for full renewable power use is still costly, there are other technologies already helping businesses save money with energy storage.

What is Energy Storage?

Energy storage as we discussed above is often only thought of in terms of batteries. However, energy storage systems are already in place in many buildings around the world. All of these technologies are different, but they have one common goal – managing power usage.

Batteries are certainly one option, but other types of energy storage can help businesses save money. Some of these work in tandem with building management systems, giving businesses greater control over energy efficiency.

Stay on Top of Peak Demand

Commercial businesses are often at the mercy of peak energy pricing or high-demand costs. By distributing stored energy at times when prices are highest, businesses can save a fortune on energy bills. Energy costs and pricing levels will vary depending on where you are around the world, but consider a simple system of peak and off-peak pricing.

If energy costs more during the day, when businesses need it most, imagine being able to draw energy in overnight and store it. Effectively, a business could ‘buy’ energy while it’s cheap, and use their stored energy during peak times.

Energy Independence with Renewables

When using an energy storage system in conjunction with solar, business can remove their reliance on the national energy grid. Energy storage allows a business to generate as much solar energy through daylight hours, and hang on to the excess power. Unlike a residential solar system where excess energy can be sold back to the main grid, energy storage lets you keep it.

That way, when the sun goes down and you’re still using power, you only need to draw on the power you’ve already stored. This means in effect, you could become independently powered and never have to pay an energy bill again. Of course, you can still remain connected to the energy grid for emergencies or when you don’t have enough solar energy stored. So, you may not completely be free of the electricity companies – but you can get pretty close to it!

Better Reliability

No business wants to have to shut up shop in the case of a power outage. However, that’s the reality for many businesses without energy storage options. By installing energy storage options, you always have a power source to draw from in case of an 0emergency. That means you could be up and running while competitors are closing their doors.

If you want more practical advice on energy storage solutions for your business, contact us at RCR Infrastructure to see how we can help.


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