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How HVAC technicians can save you money

As a property owner or building manager, working with trusted HVAC technicians isn’t just a good way to keep commercial tenants comfortable. It’s also a way to identify risks and prevent expensive system failures. Here’s how HVAC technicians can save you money in the long run.

What do HVAC technicians do?

HVAC technicians are skilled experts in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Of course, residential homes have all of these systems too, but on a much smaller scale than a commercial building. So, when we talk about HVAC, we’re mainly referring to the systems in larger buildings, such as apartments, office buildings, retail properties and more.

When something goes wrong with the heating or cooling systems in a commercial building, only a qualified HVAC technician can do the repairs. In addition, HVAC technicians also assist with the design and installation of HVAC systems for buildings. They also perform regularly scheduled maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Why is regular maintenance so important?

Conducting regular preventative maintenance is the best way to identify issues, avoid expensive system failures and plan for future maintenance. Your HVAC technician can give you a detailed report on what they have checked, what might need to be fixed soon, and of course, any urgent repairs that should be conducted immediately.

Avoid costly repairs

It can be tempting to try saving a few dollars by skipping regular maintenance of your HVAC systems, but more often than not, this ends up costing you more. Skilled HVAC technicians conduct a thorough inspection of all your systems during a scheduled maintenance visit. During this inspection, they may notice parts wearing more than expected, or minor issues affecting your system.

As a result, these smaller problems can be fixed straight away and you won’t have to worry about them. However, if you skip regular maintenance and these minor issues aren’t identified, it can have serious repercussions.

There are a lot of moving parts in your HVAC system, which means a lot of things can go wrong. Completely replacing parts (or an entire system) is much more expensive than regular preventive maintenance costs.

Healthier environment for tenants

Needless to say, if you operate a commercial building, you have a responsibility to provide a safe, healthy environment for tenants. Whether it’s a retail shopping centre or an office building, clean air and a comfortable temperature are two things that tenants need to have. As a building manager, you’re the one who deals with the phone calls when the AC isn’t working, or if there’s an odd smell coming from the ventilation system. Regular maintenance of your HVAC systems is the best way to avoid these hassles.

NABERS ratings

NABERS is a rating system used to determine the energy efficiency of office buildings and other commercial properties. When you have a good NABERS rating, you can charge more rent and attract better clientele, which is a win for any commercial building owner. Many companies want to show their customers they support sustainability practices, and for many, that means moving into a commercial premises with a strong NABERS rating.

In short, if you have poorly maintained, outdated HVAC systems, you’re unlikely to receive the best NABERS ratings. Of course, there’s a lot more to your NABERS rating than just HVAC, but by having a quality system that’s well-maintained, you go a long way to improving your ratings.

Using smart technology

Many modern commercial buildings use smart technology for HVAC systems, as well as lighting, security, access and much more. These smart systems are designed to make your life easier, but they also provide data and alerts if something isn’t working properly.

Here at RCR, we specialise in building facilities, so we have an in-depth knowledge of the new systems operating in today’s buildings. So, if you have smart technology in your building, it’s important to work with HVAC technicians who can understand and interpret the data being provided.

Need reliable HVAC technicians?

RCR Infrastructure is one of New Zealand’s leading building facility specialists, which includes taking care of HVAC systems. With years of experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial and industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, we’ve got the skills and knowledge to save you money. Don’t let those minor issues turn into costly repairs. Contact the friendly team at RCR today, and find out how we can improve your commercial building with the help of our qualified HVAC technicians.


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