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Promote gender equality with RCR

Gender discrimination is still a big issue in many workplaces. Although there have been some advancements made, women are often still outnumbered by men in leadership positions and face greater obstacles in achieving success in their careers. We see this particularly in our industry unfortunately.

There are however many ways that companies in our industry can help to break down gender barriers and promote equality. One way is by changing policies to get more women into management positions. This can be done by setting quotas for the number of women in management roles, or offering training and mentorship programs to encourage women to pursue leadership positions. While we have seen an increase in women CEO’s over the last couple of years, in 2021 globally only 26% of women held a CEO position* (* | Women in Management article | 1 March 2021 |

Another way to promote gender equality is by providing better perks and benefits for women. This can include offering better than industry standard maternity leave, flexible working arrangements in both working hours and working from home opportunities, and childcare benefits. These types of perks make it easier for women to manage their families and their careers.

Finally, another way to promote gender equality is by opening up more opportunities for women to enter the facilities management industry. This can be done by hosting events and workshops that focus on attracting women to the industry, or by offering internships and apprenticeships specifically for women.

As an equal opportunity employer with many women in leadership positions here at RCR Infrastructure, we are passionate about breaking the bias and bringing more women into the HVAC and facilities management industry.

If this sounds like you, be sure to get in touch with us and let’s chat through how we can help create a pathway for you into an industry you’ve always wanted to work within. We’d be more than happy help and we know our Director, Lorene Maher, would love the opportunity to share her story with like minded women who can add so much value to this great industry and RCR as a company.


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