RCR Green breaksground on Ashburton Solar Farm

In a momentous step towards sustainable energy, RCR Green – part of Stonewood Group and RCR Infrastructure – in association with Lightyears Solar,has broken ground at their Ashburton Solar Farm. The farmwill contribute to the renewable energy landscape near Ashburton, powering approximately 2500 homes annually and significantly reducing carbon emissions. It will also allow for the continuation of productive agriculture, with sheep able to graze beneaththe panels.

The farm will boast a peak capacity of 7.5MW of clean energy and RCR Green and Lightyears Solarare spearheading the development of this already consented solar farm.Lightyears Solar has recently completed a 2.4MW solar farm in Waiuku, Auckland, and have other projects in development and RCR Green has a strong background in commercial and residential solar.

John Chow, Chairman at Stonewood Group, expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating, “the Ashburton Solar Farm represents a significant milestone in our group companies’ commitment to sustainable infrastructure development. We are proud to collaborate with Lightyears Solar to bring this solar farm to life.

“This solar farm venture is just the beginning of Stonewood Group’s commitment to ESG responsibility; our group is committed to expanding renewable energy through RCR Green.”

“Breaking ground on the Ashburton Solar Farm is an exciting moment for RCR Green. This solar farm aligns with our mission to drive positive change through clean energy solutions, and we are eager to see the positive impact it will have on the community,” added Garry Ko, Executive Director at RCR Green.

Matt Shanks, Development Manager at Lightyears Solar says he’s looking forward to adding to the renewable energy supply in Ashburton, and working with RCR Green. “Our companies share a commitment to finding sustainable solutions, and low-cost, renewable electricity can help address energy poverty, drive economic growth, and help mitigate climate change.”

As well as providing clean energy to thelocal distribution network, RCR Green and Lightyears Solar are dedicated to fostering positive relationships with immediate neighbours and iwi with an interest in the land, ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout the project.

RCR Green and Lightyears Solar are developing several projects ranging from 15 to 60MW to provide New Zealand with renewable energy. This forward-looking approach aligns with the vision of expanding renewable energy initiatives for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The solar farm venture holds paramount importance in New Zealand’s renewable energy landscape. Currently, only a handful of solar farms are operational, contributing to the country’s transition towards a greener energy future. Stonewood Group aims to further this impact by developing another 15 solar farms in the coming years, reinforcing New Zealand’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

The target date for commercial operation of the Ashburton Solar Farm is late 2024.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Garry Ko
Executive Director
RCR Green
+64 27 702 0051

About RCR Green – Part of Stonewood Group:

RCR Infrastructure is a leading infrastructure company in New Zealand, specialising in electrical and mechanical installation, service and maintenance. With a focus on excellence and reliability, RCR Infrastructure is a trusted partner in delivering infrastructure solutions. Its latest subsidiary RCR Green, with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, is at the forefront of bringing new green energy to New Zealand.

About Lightyears Solar

Lightyears Solar is a New Zealand owned and operated company developing and constructing ground-mounted, utility-scale and high-quality solar farm generation assets connected to New Zealand’s electrical distribution networks. ​Their team has experience in large-scale solar and complex construction projects and their solar farms support the electrification and decarbonisation of industrial and transport energy, to align with New Zealand’s carbon zero goals.


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