Ways to control commercial solar installation costs

Putting up commercial solar panels can be a great investment for a business, but it can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are actions that companies can take to reduce their expenses while still reaping the benefits of utilising solar energy in their operations. In this blog, we will describe some critical actions that businesses may take to help keep the expenses of installing commercial solar panels at a minimum.

Conduct feasibility research

Before beginning a commercial solar installation project, it is important to do a feasibility analysis. This analysis will help companies figure out if the project can be kept going financially or not. The cost of solar panels, as well as their installation, maintenance, and financing, should all be factored into the analysis. Businesses can save themselves a lot of money by performing feasibility studies before embarking on projects that won’t be profitable for them.

Choose the right solar panel system

There are many different types of solar panel systems available on the market, and each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Companies need to choose a system that fits their needs in order to be successful. For instance, a company that has a high energy demand may benefit from installing a larger solar panel system, while a company with a lower energy demand may be better suited for a system with fewer panels.

Choose the right location

The location of the solar panels can have a big effect on how much energy the system makes and how well it works as a whole. It is essential to pick a spot that gets plenty of sunlight and does not have any barriers in the way of its orientation towards the sun. Commercial businesses should also think about where the solar panels will be placed in relation to the building they will be powering. If the panels are installed at a distance that is too great from the building, there may be a loss of energy due to transmission.

Optimise the system design

The design of the solar panel system can greatly affect its efficiency and cost. It is important to optimise the design to ensure that it is efficient and cost-effective. This can involve making adjustments to the layout of the panels, the type of panels used, and the type of inverter used.

Choose the right installer

It’s possible that how well the solar panel system is put together will have a big effect on how well it works. It’s important to find an installer who has a good name and has worked on commercial solar projects before. When you choose a reputable installation company, they will help make sure that the system is set up correctly and working at its most efficient level.

Consider financing options

There are a variety of financing options available for commercial solar systems, including loans and leases, and you should think about what works best for you. It is essential to go with a method of financing that is suited to the particular requirements of the company you are running. For a company that does not have the capital to make a significant initial investment, for instance, a lease might be a more appealing option.

Consider tax incentives

The government of New Zealand provides a variety of tax breaks to commercial enterprises that make investments in renewable energy. When planning a project to put solar panels on a commercial building, it is important to think about these benefits. These incentives might help pay for some of the costs of the installation, which would make it more financially feasible.

Monitor and maintain the system

Keeping up with maintenance and keeping an eye on the solar panel system can make it work better and last longer. It is essential to organise a maintenance schedule and make certain that the plan is adhered to at all times. As part of this process, you may need to clean the panels, inspect the wiring, and track the amount of energy that the system produces.

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