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Best places to find EV charging stations NZ provides

The uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) has been phenomenal in New Zealand over recent years. Governments, councils and residents alike are now seeing the benefits of EVs over the traditional fossil fuel cars we’ve used for years. In fact, Stats.NZ reports that EV imports tripled in the 12 months to March 2022.

So, while this is excellent for the environment and for drivers who no longer want their expenses determined by large fuel companies, it does present an infrastructure challenge. That challenge is to install enough EV charging stations in NZ to handle the rising number of EVs on the road.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can charge your EV.

Different ways to charge

Most people will do the majority of their charging at home. This is normally the slowest option, but it does depend on the type of charging station you have installed. Most people just charge from their home’s electricity supply, but there are public charging stations available too.

Charging is broken into three levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level 1 works on 120V power and is the slowest. This may not be enough for regular drivers.

Level 2 charging works between 208V and 240V. You can install Level 2 charging equipment at home, and you’ll also find it in some workplaces and public stations. This is the most common level of charging. There are different wiring requirements depending on the power of your Level 2 charger, which means installation can be costly.

Level 3 is also known as DC fast charging or Supercharging. It uses direct current and runs between 400V and 900V. Most homes don’t have the high-voltage supply to support this type of charger, so you’re more likely to find this option at public EV charging stations in NZ.

Other considerations

Remember that all types of EV chargers use different connectors. For example, for Level 3 charging, Tesla uses its own proprietary plugs, Nissan and Mitsubishi use the Asian standard CHAdeMO plug, and all other brands use the Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs. Most level 1 and 2 charging systems use the same connectors.

You’ll need to check what’s been supplied with your EV, because some of them come with connectors or adaptors to make charging a lot easier. Investigate this before you go too far down the path of buying your first EV. Ideally, you want as many charging options as possible.

Where to find public EV charging stations in NZ

Currently, ChargeNet has the biggest network of chargers out on New Zealand roads. These are mostly rapid charging stations using 50KW DC power, but they’re also installing plenty of superchargers too. But where are all these chargers?

Plugshare app

Accessing the Plugshare app is perhaps the best way to locate EV charging stations in NZ at the moment. The NZTA goal is to see chargers installed every 75kms along state highways, whether that be through public stations or through installation by businesses.

The Plugshare app tells you exactly where to find these EV charging stations, wherever you travel in NZ. Not only does it tell you where the stations are, but also the types of chargers available at each site. So, when you’re planning a long trip, you can always factor in some charging stops along the way.

The Plugshare app includes information uploaded by users, meaning information isn’t always perfect, but it’s pretty close. You can also check out ChargeNet’s own charger map, however, this obviously only includes ChargeNet stations and therefore may not be as comprehensive.

Need help installing an EV charging station?

RCR has the expertise needed to help with all your EV charging needs. If you want to install a more powerful charger at your home, we can help. We also help countless businesses to install charging stations at workplaces so that staff members can charge during the day. We offer a nationwide service and can install all types of chargers, including Tesla, Schneider EV Link and universal chargers.

You also get the very best advice, thanks to our comprehensive assessment service where we provide guidance on the best charger types for your needs. If you’re worried about getting access to EV charging stations in NZ, your best option is to install them at the home or workplace for the ultimate convenience. Contact RCR today to find out more.


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